[lfs-support] questions about chapter 5.5.1

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 20:24:28 PDT 2014

François Bissey wrote:
> Hi,
> I suspect it may be a case of "to much knowledge is dangerous".
> Having some experience

"some" experience is indeed a dangerous thing.

  in building cross compilers and bootstrapping
> systems in the past I found some elements in that chapter troubling
> enough to stop and post here first:
> 1) There are instructions to download and unpack gmp,mpfr and mpc.
> But nowhere to configure && compile them.
> The hints that I have from the remaining of your instructions is that
> you don't want to install them.

They are built as a part of the gcc instructions in Chapter 5.  They are 
built as separate libraries in Chapter 6.

"GCC now requires the GMP, MPFR and MPC packages. As these packages may 
not be included in your host distribution, they will be built with GCC. 
Unpack each package into the GCC source directory and rename the 
resulting directories so the GCC build procedures will automatically use 

> 2) we are asked to gcc so that it looks for ld* in /tools/lib{,32,64} rather
> than in plain /lib{,32,64}. Yet, at this stage we haven't built glibc
> which would provide it, so there is nothing in /tools/lib* at this stage.
> It looks to me like this will be useful in pass 2 but could lead to
> breakage in pass 1.

Try it and see.  /tools/lib* is the first place it looks, but if not 
found, it looks at the host's files.  That's why we build gcc twice.

> 3) configuration options for gmp and mpc? Only mpfr paths are given,
> and they would need to be compiled first - statically I am guessing.

Just follow the instructions as they are written.

   -- Bruce

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