[lfs-support] Blank screen when booting with 3.13.3 kernel. - LFS 7.5

William Harrington kb0iic at berzerkula.org
Thu Mar 20 08:36:20 PDT 2014

On Mar 20, 2014, at 10:06 AM, rhubarbpieguy at gmail.com wrote:

> I'm still surprised I could compile
> LFS 7.5 with the 3.13.3 kernel and then revert to an older kernel with
> BLFS 7.5.

Why surprised? If you did a default build of LFS Glibc then you can  
build and run a kernel back to 2.6.32:



Any kernel ran before 2.6.32 gives "FATAL: Kernel too old!"


William Harrington

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