[lfs-support] Boot Issues

Thomas de Roo thomas at de-roo.org
Thu Sep 26 01:58:48 PDT 2013

Booting from USB is for most BIOSes only supported for FAT-filesystems. You probably need to do something with initramfs or initrd.


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I've followed the book word for word and now I'm having some booting 
issues.  I've tried to boot off a USB Thumb Drive, an SD Card, and when 
its running through the boot proccess it keeps telling me that there is 
an unknown partition type, and therefore can't mount the root fs.

I've redone the parition table on both media a few times, verifiy its 
MS-DOS MBR type.  I've formarted the file system again and recopied 
everything on there.  I've built the kernel with no modules, all inline, 
and have just about everything you can think of marked.

Interesting note, used to be able to grub-install /dev/sda from in side 
the chroot, but now for some reason it won't let me do that, I get a 
warning stating that /boot/grub won't be aviable at boot time so its 

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