[lfs-support] Part III for Linux from scratch 7.3

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 12:12:38 PDT 2013

savyan wrote:
> in 6.7     Linux-3.8.1 API Headers
> from where i extract the package ?

Read what it says:  "The Linux API Headers (in linux-3.10.10.tar.xz) 
expose the kernel's API for use by Glibc."

> what is the meaning of :
> "Now test and extract the user-visible kernel headers from the source..."

Do the steps specified.

> currently i am root as per the steps. $LFS is also /root

No, it doesn't say you should be root.  Go back and redo Section 4.3. 
"Adding the LFS User."

>    and there is no files in mnt/lfs/sources in this user

Reread chapter 3.

   -- Bruce

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