Ruminations on Udev, null and console

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Feb 28 23:59:14 PST 2011

alupu at wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote,
>> When I rebooted, I got the following messages:
>> cannot open /dev/null
>> FATAL: Module platform: regulatory not set
>> FATAL: Module LNXSYTEM: not found
>> FATAL: Module doc not found
>> FATAL: pci:v............... not found
>> This last was repeated about 20 times for various pci values.
>> When I added null back to /lib/udev/devices/ and reenabled the copy in
>> the bootscripts, I got none of these messages.
> Awful.  A few thoughts.
> As I said in my OP:
>>> LFS book: Version SVN-20110218
>>> Script activation order in '... rcsysinit.d/':
>>>   mountkernfs
>>>   consolelog
>>>   modules (no modules to install, in my case)
>>>   udev
>>>   ...
> iN MY PREvious post, sections 5-7, null (and console) is already fully
> represented.  Unfortunately, "modules" comes before "udev":

I don't have any modules to load.  No console to update either.  I agree 
that the /dev/null entries in mountkernfs could be removed by using the 
-q option for mountpoint.  I suspect that option was added after the 
bootscript was written.

Actually, on my system, those errors appeared to come up before any 
bootscripts were started.  They came about 4 seconds into the boot.  It 
takes about 8 or 9 seconds to get to the boot prompt.

I think those 'module' errors are being generated by drivers built into 
the kernel.  Note that LNXSYTEM is an ACPI device.

Since the instruction to copy null to /dev occurs after the error 
message, I have no idea why they are coming up.

   -- Bruce

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