Ruminations on Udev, null and console

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Feb 28 19:51:51 PST 2011

alupu at wrote:

> C.  As nit-pickings (no urgency, we know how long it takes to change
> "will" with "must" in the next (almost) daily revision of the book:)
> C.1.  6.2.21 should say "must" instead of "will"

OK, we can do this.  It's in section 6.2.1, not 6.2.21.

> C.2.  The whole "Create some devices and directories ..." in
>  "udev-1xx" should go.  Misleading, outdated and nonsensical.

No, it really can't go.  I went into my sandbox, deleted 
/lib/udev/devices/null, and commented out the copy to /dev in the udev 

When I rebooted, I got the following messages:

cannot open /dev/null
FATAL: Module platform: regulatory not set
FATAL: Module LNXSYSTEM: not found
FATAL: Module doc not found
FATAL: pci:v............... not found

This last was repeated about 20 times for various pci values.

When I added null back to  /lib/udev/devices/ and reenabled the copy in 
the bootscripts, I got none of these messages.

The system did boot in both cases, but we can't advocate a system that 
produces these errors.  Unfortunately, the error messages did not show 
up in dmesg.

   -- Bruce

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