Ruminations on Udev, null and console

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Fri Feb 25 20:17:06 PST 2011

Simon Geard wrote:

> As to the rest, it may be I've misunderstood your original post - the
> confusion was over the claim that people are "unaware" they they have
> those nodes on the "metal" /dev. Given these nodes are explicitly
> created with a clear explanation as to why, it seemed to me that you
> must have overlooked this section in the book.

Also note what it says in the udev README:


- At bootup, the /dev directory should get the 'devtmpfs' filesystem
mounted. Udev will manage permissions and ownership of the
kernel-created device nodes, and possibly create additional symlinks. If
needed, udev also works on an empty 'tmpfs' filesystem, but some static
device nodes like /dev/null, /dev/console, /dev/kmsg are needed to be
able to start udev itself.

Even this appears to be a bit outdated because we don't need /dev/kmsg.

   -- Bruce

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