Ruminations on Udev, null and console

Simon Geard delgarde at
Fri Feb 25 20:13:07 PST 2011

On Fri, 2011-02-25 at 13:21 -0600, alupu at wrote:
> 2.  _Strictly_ for the record and completeness:
> I do no use Gnome.  Never have. 
> I use KDE (3.5.10) and Fluxbox (1.1.1).
> However, IMHO this is absolutely irrelevant as far as the thread
> subject is concerned.
> Unfortunately, the above admission might trigger another unrelated
> debate :(  I'm resigned to it, though;  you win a few lose a few.

Not meaning to start an argument on that basis. But by 'modern'
desktops, I meant recent versions of Gnome or KDE, compared to more
lightweight setups.

As to the relevance to the thread, I know I didn't make that clear, but
my thinking was that device names really aren't very important to
someone using one of those desktops. My DVD drive may be called 'sr0',
but more importantly, it's called "CD/DVD drive" on my desktop. And if I
plug in a USB drive, I really have no idea what the device node is
called - all that matters is that it's automatically mounted to
somewhere under /media and a file manager window opened on it.

For the same reason, recent kernel announcements about changing the
network device naming don't exactly bother me - as far as I'm concerned,
I have two network devices, called "Wired" and "Wireless" in Network
Manager. The kernel calls them eth0 and wlan0, but if a patch were to
rename them 'frog' and 'fish', I'd be unlikely to notice.

As to the rest, it may be I've misunderstood your original post - the
confusion was over the claim that people are "unaware" they they have
those nodes on the "metal" /dev. Given these nodes are explicitly
created with a clear explanation as to why, it seemed to me that you
must have overlooked this section in the book.

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