Ruminations on Udev, null and console

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Wed Feb 23 10:24:30 PST 2011

Feb 23, 2011 04:58:10 AM, Simon Geard wrote:

> ... those nodes [null and console] are supposed to be there in
> /dev on the root partition.
> If you don't have them, you've missed a step in the build.

Hi Simon,

We're totally in sync here (if you take a look at the grand
finale of my OP :)
I had had those two nodes all along (instinctively) and
everything had been fine.

To clarify:
my worries started recently when _finally_ a bulb went on
in my head on reading 
   << Create some devices and directories that Udev cannot handle
      due to them being required very early in the boot process,
      or by Udev itself:
        mknod -m0666 /lib/udev/devices/null c 1 3

in the LFS udev-166 procedure

AND followed by

  << # Copy the only static device node that Udev >= 155 doesn't
     # handle to /dev
        cp -a /lib/udev/devices/null /dev

in the latest "udev" script.

So I said (to myself), something must be different now
i.e., there's no way somebody would've added (or retained) the
redundant (and _misleading_) null copy above unless something
changed (from 6.2.1 - or, come to think of it, from common sense).
It is not unknown, even in the heavily computerized world of ours,
for things to be changed (updated, as they say) in only _some_ of
the related places.
So I went back to the LFS scripts, made sure I was using the
most recent ones and started testing (and ruminating) hard.

BTW, there is a [rant][/rant] I'm skipping, although the idea
is not the first time to come up, where people "grow" from LFS
to BLFS and become confused and/or _misunderstood_ about "falling
behind" on the latest and greatest developments in LFS
(my LFS system was built early 2005).

Thank you for your (as always) insightful comments,
-- Alex

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