Need to undo toolchain adjustment

Mitch Embry mitch at
Fri Feb 11 20:48:27 PST 2011


This is my first LFS build and all was going well until I went and
changed a command. I am building this system in virtualbox using the
latest LFS Live-CD, all the latest packages from, and LFS-BOOK-6.7

I had completed the steps up to 5.9 in the book where I was starting
pass 2 of Binutils when I realized what I had done. Two steps back when
I was compiling Glibc I erroneously changed a command thinking I was
doing the right thing (against my better judgment). The command I edited
was the following:

#begin command

../glibc-2.13/configure --prefix=/tools \
    --host=$LFS_TGT --build=$(../glibc-2.13/scripts/config.guess) \
    --disable-profile --enable-add-ons \
    --enable-kernel= --with-headers=/tools/include \
    libc_cv_forced_unwind=yes libc_cv_c_cleanup=yes

#end command

While typing this command I mistakenly assumed I needed to change the
'--enable-kernel=' line to reflect the latest kernel that I had
downloaded from not realizing that this line was in fact
referring to the host system. However, everything compiled and installed
correctly and I moved on to 5.8 Adjusting the Toolchain. Again all of
this completed without error, including the sanity-check.

It was not until I started to compile Pass 2 of Binutils and the
compiler threw a "FATAL: Kernel too old" error that I realized what I
had done. Now, since I already have adjusted the toolchain and GCC's
dynamic linker has changed when I try to rebuild Glibc, make will not
complete (it hangs) and as a result I am stuck.

What should I do to correct this? Can I undo the Toolchain adjustment so
I can recompile Glibc or do I have to start from square one again? Any
advice is greatly appreciated. Either way I've learned my lesson about
altering commands unless expressly directed to do so.


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