Binutils Problem

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Feb 2 13:36:54 PST 2011

J Falcetti wrote:
> How do would I know when I'm inside the directory?

Perhaps you need to re read the "general instructions" section.
Are you familiar with the "cd" and "pwd" commands?

First, you untar the tarball, then you cd to the directory
extracted from the tarball. For this particular build, you
then create a new directory and cd to that. The commands
would look something like this...

$ tar xzf binutils-2.20.1.tgz (or whatever the tarball is named)
$ cd binutils-2.20.1
$ mkdir –v ../binutils-build
$ cd ../binutils-build
$ ../binutils-2.20.1/configure \
--target=$LFS_TGT –prefix=/tools \
--disable-nls –disable-werror

This should work.

The commands given in the book all presume you've done something
like the first two commands above, before executing any other
commands peculiar to that package.

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