LFS-svn chap 6.7 (gcc: No such file or directory)

Martin Zajíc <ZAJCA> zajcaa at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 13:35:08 PDT 2010

>  I can't comment on the *comments* in that script, but
> a quick look suggests you are doing the same things as
> I do.  So, perhaps the problem is elsewhere.
>  We can see that 'make' is apparently found and executable,
> but gcc is not.  The first steps are: take a sample of packages
> from chapter 5 that come after adjusting the toolchain.  The
> purpose is to see if you installed a binary from the package,
> and assuming you did, use ldd on the host to see what it links
> to.

I've checked almost all executables in /tools/bin with ldd and gues
what. All executables are linked OK except binaries from gcc package
so somethink is wrong in gcc pass 2 or adjusting toolchain but i don't
know where.

>  Sometimes people accidentally miss one of the packages,
> or build it but fail to install it.  Other times, people stop the build,
> come back, but do not set things up properly and find that one
> or more of hte later packages is mislinked.

That's true i forget compile "file" but that isn't reason of my problems.

>  If make is correctly linked, I particularly wonder if you failed
> to install pass 2 of gcc.

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