First Post: LFS 6.3 - Section 6.7.1 - gcc error

David Reese horus at
Sun Feb 28 10:36:32 PST 2010

Greetings from America,

[First, I apologize if this message is incorrectly formatted -
 since Thunderbird 3.0 text formatting options seem woefully
 limited.  I did the best I could to manually wrap inside 72.]

[Long post warning... sorry.  I'm trying to capture sufficient
 detail to make this worth reading.]

Without getting into my whole life story, I'll just say that I'm having
some trouble with the subject section [6.7.1].

Specifically, during the "make headers_check" step, I get errors
(I've broken the lines in some odd places to make it wrap
 properly here, and included the status reports just prior):

    CHK            include/linux/version.h
    UPD            include/linux/version.h
    HOSTCC    scripts/basic/fixdep
gcc: error trying to exec

execv: No such file or directory
make [1]: *** [scripts/basic/fixdeps] Error 1
make: *** [scripts/basic] Error 2

Note:  This step, and the steps immediately preceding it in the section,
were executed after extraction of:

(using "tar -xjvf linux-2*.bz2" from /root against a local copy
 of the package)

and cd into the directory /root/linux-2.26.5.

I am chrooted and virtual directories have been set up and mounted
per instruction in the first part of Chapter 6.

I am just before concluding that I have a problem with gcc, but maybe
not?  I see resolving any doubts here as crucial to further progress
with the build.  Answers to some further questions I have may help
shed light on this:

1.)  the target file "as" at the end of that gnarly looking path seems
 to be the real problem here.  Is this because of an error in building
gcc during Section 5?  (a bad link to /tools/lib in gcc?)

2.)  Encountering this error, would it be profitable to try to rebuild
just gcc?  (I wouldn't think so... so much depended on it in section 5.)

3.)  What is the significance of the /../../../../ part of the path given
above in the error message?  Is this a form of ellipsis or contraction
for a longer path, or do the .. symbols have their usual meaning of
"parent directory" here?  (If so, I'm a bit confused. So, what else is

Thanks to all who may reply for taking the time to read a newbie's
questions and trying to help.

Later On,

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