No ext2 filesystem ?

brown wrap gramos at
Tue Feb 23 07:01:55 PST 2010

> Is it possible to enable ext3 support without ext2?
> Did you create the ext2 partition under Centos? Does it
> have some sort of extended
> attributes/selinux type modifications? I've had a similar
> problem in the past with
> a reiserfs partition that I created under Ubunut that I
> couldn't mount under LFS.
> Andy

Yes, I found the command to make that partition ext3 and that worked. I didn't know I had to build it into the kernel. I figured if ext3 came up, ext2 would.

I still have not resolved my keyboard problem, but I guess I won't spend anymore time on it. I know there is a fix because the LFS Live cd works.

Anyway, for now I brought it up and log into it remotely.


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