Still no USB

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Feb 22 13:10:38 PST 2010

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On 22 February 2010 19:33, brown wrap <gramos at> wrote:
>> I have been away from LFS for a few days, but now back to it. I did confirm the system is up by by installing SSH and DHCP. I can bring up the system, which has no keyboard access, but log into from another machine. Below is the latest output of sys.log. Does anyone know what the error means? I keep getting errors which say "device not accepting address ..., error 110
>  Googling at random, it seems a common error on laptops.
> There is a suggestion in an ubuntu thread that this applies only
> to usb2, and that fixing it would mean many users would not be
> able to suspend or resume.  I've no idea, but apparently the
> workaround is to disable usb2 and use the ports in usb1 mode.
>  Looking at menuconfig, that seems to mean "turn off EHCI HCD
> and enable OHCI _or_ UHCI".
>  It also seems to be semi-common if the current draw in a
> usb hub is excessive (too many devices plugged in), or if
> the hardware (or a cable) is defective, but those might relate
> to different error numbers (alternatively, maybe it really is
> drawing too much power in one of the peripherals and older
> kernels didn't notice).

Ken just triggered another idea.  Try disconnecting all usb devices and 
see what the logs say.  See what the response is when the keyboard is 
plugged in.

I don't think this is a laptop, is it?

   -- Bruce

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