LFS6.5 - 6.12 Binutils - No ptys

David Shaw dj.shaw at btconnect.com
Mon Feb 22 06:56:09 PST 2010

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On 22 February 2010 12:28, David Shaw <dj.shaw at btconnect.com> wrote:
>> Another stumbling block, I'm afraid.
>> As the title says, when I issue the command
>>       expect -c "spawn ls"
>> I get the error saying that there are no more ptys.  I have tried
>> looking in the LFS hints, the Ubuntu forum and wiki and googling and
>> while I now know more about ptys than any sane person could possible
>> want to, I am no nearer working out how to get my system to produce more
>> of them.
>> As I understand it, Ubuntu uses /dev/ptmx as a Unix 98 'master clone'
>> and from this, creates the slave devices in /dev/pts/* - and this does,
>> indeed, happen automatically on the host system.  Clearly, in the chmod
>> LFS system, whatever does this in Ubuntu is missing at this point.
>> So, what do I do?  Can I manually create /dev/pts/pty* nodes?  Or do I
>> create BSD style /dev/pty* dev/tty* pairs?  Or what?  I am at a total
>> loss here.
>> Many thanks,
>> David Shaw
>> --
> Did you miss some, or all, of section 6.2 "Preparing Virtual Kernel
> File Systems" ?  If you shutdown during chapters 6-8, and then resume,
> you'll need to rerun at least 6.2.2 and 6.2.3.
> ĸen

No - and yes.  I did everything in section 6.2 and did shutdown after 
but, thinking I was being clever, I put the bits in 6.2.2 and 6.2.3 into 
a bash script (along with 6.4) so that I could run it to reset 
everything and put me into the chroot environment.

One, tiny, little typo...

I knew LFS was going to teach me a lot.  I didn't expect it to teach me 
that I desperately need to learn to *type*.

Many thanks,


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