old static tools chain for new lfs build

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 08:07:32 PST 2010

Sebastien Fievet wrote:
> Hello there,
> i run a LFS 6.2 system for quite some time now, and i 'd like to upgrade it.
> As a matter of (natural?) laziness, i was wondering wether i could re-use
> the static tools chain from my current 6.2 system to build a more recent one?

I haven't tried it, but I suspect you could.  The main purpose of 
Chapter 5 is to make sure the new build is isolated from the host 
system.  If that's not important to you in this case, then go ahead and 
try it.

An alternative though is to take a look at jhalfs.  That will automate 
the whole process and would probably be faster.  There is a learning 
curve though.

   -- Bruce

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