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On Tue, 2010-02-16 at 23:10 +0000, aztec007 at wrote:
> Based on this setup, is it possible to have /root and /boot on two
> separate drives (in my case '/root' was in #2, and '/boot' was on
> #1)? 

Hang on, do you really mean '/root', i.e the root user's home directory?
Or do you mean the root filesystem, i.e '/'? There's little reason to
have a separate /root, since it should generally not have anything much
in it.

For what it's worth, my disk layout looks something like:

- /boot, 100Mb. Allows me to keep bootloader config independent of the
actual OS installs.

- swap, 2Gb.

- The root partitions of 2 LFS installations, both 30Gb. Basically, I
switch between them - one is the current stable desktop, the other is
free to do another LFS build on, which will eventually become the new

- /home, whatever's left of the drive, about 250Gb. Backed up
periodically to an external drive...

One observation for you - personal data is the only thing that's likely
to take up much space on modern disks, so don't bother allocating
hundreds of gigabytes to a partition that will only ever contain
installed apps. 20-30Gb is more than enough to create a full-featured

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