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Tue Feb 16 15:10:19 PST 2010

Hey guys, I have a system with 3 separate Hard drives that I would like to know how to partition and I would like to know if there is anyone with any suggestions. 

There are currently three hard drives on my system: 

    • #1 : 20 GB drive 
    • #2 : 200 GB drive 
    • #3 : 250 GB drive 

Based on this setup, is it possible to have /root and /boot on two separate drives (in my case '/root' was in #2, and '/boot' was on #1)? The reason I ask is because I attempted to do an install using this scheme but it gave me error 17 or 15 ( one of them) so if anyone could offer any solution such that I can use HD #1 and #1 together in my Linux install would be great. And also, how big should '/root' paritition be considering that the drive I use for it is 200GBs, well, Thank you for all the help!!! 


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