Booting problems again

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Fri Feb 12 18:48:27 PST 2010

brown wrap wrote:
> A little more. I didn't list the size of the disks because I didn't
> think it was important, but since the legacy GRUB may not be able to
> handle them:
> sda is small, I am not at the machine until Sunday or Monday.
> sdb is one TB that I just store stuff on.
> sdc is the disk with LFS on it. It is 1.5 TB. I partitioned it right
> down the middle and LFS is on the 2nd partition /dev/sdc2.
> I wasn't aware that the old grub, the only grub I knew about up to
> now, had problems with large disks. but then again, all of the system
> I've set up had small boot disks.

That may be a problem for GRUB Legacy.  I'm not sure.  GRUB2 can handle 
it though.

IMO, 750G is way too big for an LFS partition.  I store my BLFS sources 
on /usr/src which is a separate partition (50G, 50% full) and of course 
/home and /boot (100M) are separate so I can share them across multiple 
builds.  Some people have /tmp and /opt as separate partitions too.

I've been using the same main system since 2005.  I have my LFS 
partition 8G (70% full) and really haven't had much problem with that. 
It does have most of BLFS built, but most of the bigger packages (kde, 
qt, mysql, gnome, etc) go on /opt (20G, 40% full).

Multiple partitions give a lot more flexibility.  I make my newer LFS 
partitions 10G.

   -- Bruce

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