Booting problems

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Fri Feb 12 14:50:26 PST 2010

linux fan wrote:
> On 2/12/10, brown wrap <gramos at> wrote:
>> So I changed the grub.conf to:
>> title   GNU/Linux, with Linux
>>         root (hd2,1)
>>         kernel /vmlinux- root=/dev/sdc2
> I think Grub2 wants it to say:
>         root (hd2,2)
>         linux /vmlinux- root=/dev/sdc2
> for the second partition on the third drive,
> and I think they changed 'kernel' to 'linux'


That may or may not be the problem.

1.  The syntax is:

menuentry "GNU/Linux, Linux" {
    insmod ext2
    set root=(hd0,2)
    linux   /boot/vmlinux- root=/dev/sda2 ro

Note the quotes around the title.  Note the braces.  Is that so hard?

2. The command is 'set root', not 'root'.  The 'set root' command points 
to the drive where GRUB should look for  the kernel.  If it's a 
dedicated partition, the linux line should not have /boot because the 
partition is mounted *after booting* at /boot.

If its not a dedicated partition, it should be  /boot/vmlinux...

That may not be so obvious, but it is explained in the book.

3.  Is the kernel name really 'vmlinux...'  That depends on what the 
user did after the kernel build.  We don't know from what has been 
posted.  What is the output from `ls /boot`

4.  What is the filesystem for /dev/sdc2?  That is, from the host 
system, what is the result of `blkid | grep /dev/sdc2`?

5.  What was the full grub.cfg file?

6.  Was the test procedure in the book run?  At a minimum GRUB2 should 
have come up and offered the user a chance to go to the command prompt.

   -- Bruce

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