Booting problems

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Fri Feb 12 13:55:13 PST 2010

stosss wrote:
> GRUB uses its own naming structure for drives and partitions in the
> form of (hdn,m), where n is the hard drive number and m is the
> partition number, both starting from zero. For example, partition hda1
> is (hd0,0) to GRUB and hdb3 is (hd1,2). In contrast to Linux, GRUB
> does not consider CD-ROM drives to be hard drives. For example, if
> using a CD on hdb and a second hard drive on hdc, that second hard
> drive would still be (hd1).

That's from GRUB Legacy (LFS-6.5).  LFS-dev (and 6.6) uses GRUB2.  The 
naming convention has changed and is explained there.

The partitions in GRUB2 start counting at 1, so there is no (hd0,0).

   -- Bruce

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