Booting problems

stosss stosss at
Fri Feb 12 12:09:44 PST 2010

>> Because the syntax is wrong.  See the example in the
>> book.
>> Also, the kernel line is probably wrong if you didn't set
>> up a separate
>> /boot partition.
>> It's really hard maintain patience when users ask questions
>> without
>> trying to do some research, like reading the book, on their
>> own.
>> It's also hard to help when the information supplied is
>> basically "It
>> doesn't work" with virtually no details.
> If you don't want to answer a question, simply ignore it. I read the book and was replying to someone who asked what was the error.
> I supplied information the first time I asked the question. When I supply to much I hear 'trim you entries'.

No one will complain if you give verbose information as it relates to
the problem. What we don't like is when you leave all the quoted junk
that is no relevant to the on going conversation.

As for the way you ask your questions and the information you give
initially and even when asked for more, you don't give enough, you
make it appear as though you either did not read the book or you
cherry picked what you wanted to read. If you deviate from the book
and don't say so or tell how you deviated no can help you.

> As far as supplying the details, read the book contains no details at all. The syntax is wrong, contains no details as well.
> You don't need any patience, if you don't like the question, just delete it.

When people respond like this it is because they are pissed off and
don't like what the poster said. You really should be careful how you
respond to some one who knows this stuff like the back of their hand
and who is directly responsible for what is in the book.

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