Booting problems

brown wrap gramos at
Fri Feb 12 11:08:16 PST 2010

> So what was the error? Was this second entry to try to boot
> grub2 on sdc2? Did grub2 load or did it
> quit with an error? Did grub2 fail to boot the kernel?
> Andy
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The first time I tried to modify the old grub.conf, I just add the lines created by the new grub.cfg, must made them adhere to the format used in grub.conf. That attempted boot, resulted in no such partition.

So I changed the grub.conf to:

title   GNU/Linux, with Linux
        root (hd2,1)
        kernel /vmlinux- root=/dev/sdc2

That just brought up an empty menu with no selection at all.


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