lose data on shutdown?

Philipp Christian Loewner bOrgph at web.de
Fri Feb 12 05:34:13 PST 2010

> OK thanks, but I'm losing EVERYthing. not just partitions, but  
> everything.
> users, files, builds.......when i restart, it's just what's on the  
> livecd.
> NOTHING else. am i doing someting wrong?

Sorry, I got this mail just after I sent my first response.
Of course, you will lose the mount points for your partitions (e.g.
/mnt/lfs) when rebooting because they only exist in the
file system that the livecd created in your RAM.
When you re-create the mount points after rebooting, you
should be able to mount the partitions again, thus having
access to all the data on your hdd.
What other data you lose heavily depends on in what
stage of the build you were in when you shut down the
computer. In general, you will lose all the data that has not
been stored on the hdd when you shut down.
As Mike already said, it is much better not to shut down the
computer during the installation at all - especially if it is your
first installation, because you will want to minimize the amount
of error sources.

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