lose data on shutdown?

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 12 04:48:55 PST 2010

Kyle Rush wrote:
> I have a livecd 6.3 and book 6.3. the computer I am installing it on is
> somewhat old, and thus 1 SBU = about one hour. I can't figure out how to
> shut down the machine without losing everything i was working on. I do not
> know if this was covered in the book; i don't think it was. if i am wrong,
> say so and i will go back to reading the book. please help.

There is a hint written about that. I used the same CD-ROM you
are using to build 6.5 successfully a couple of times.

I don't recall the entire URL, but I have a copy of that, and
the file name is


I'm sure if you look in the hints section of the web site you
can find it. If you have troubles, then I can shoot you a copy
via separate e-mail.

First, you can't really just shutdown whenever you like. You
have to let any given build complete. You don't have to do
an install, however.

Second, when all activity has stopped, and a build has successfully
completed, you certainly can shut down. I *highly* recommend that
you write down exactly what you were doing, and what the next step
needs to be, on a piece of paper, and conserve it with the machine
where it will not get lost, or put it into a text file on the
file system you need to mount. It's surprising how long you can
put a build aside, thinking you'll be back at it next day, and
then find out two weeks later, when you finally get back to it,
that you can't remember just where you were.

Third, in order to restart, you have to do some maintenance stuff.
You have to mount your partitions, and set up some shell variables,
like $LFS. This initial setup can be put into a little shell script
in the top level of your mounted build file system. Later, you'll
want to add another to enter the chroot environment, and then another
which can be run inside the chroot to set up what you need. The
scripts are not necessary, but are very helpful.

That said, it is easier not to have to reboot, if you can avoid it.

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