saving info on livecd?

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Fri Feb 12 03:19:31 PST 2010

Jordan Peters wrote:
> i'm using the ubuntu linux livecd to make my 6.5 lfs install and i'm
> wondering how to save the variables and such i make during the book.
> like is there a way to save the info created during section 4.4 while
> setting up .bash_profile and .bashrc and save the lfs user in the end of
> 4.3?

You got two pretty good replies, neither of which described
what I used for that.

I did basically the same thing you are, but with the LFS 6.3 LiveCD.
However, I used another technique. I wrote a little script file which I
put into the topmost level of the new file system, which did all the
setup. Later, when I needed it, I wrote another which also reentered the
chroot environment.

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