bash problem

kevin nangou knangou at
Thu Feb 11 07:38:32 PST 2010

in the chater 6.9.1 when I do :

DL=$(readelf -l /bin/sh | sed -n 's at .*interpret.*/tools\(.*\)]$@\1 at p')

I have this error:

bash: command substitution: line 219: syntax error near unexpected token `)'

bash: command substitution: line 219: `readelf -l /bin/sh | sed -n 's@
.*interpret.*/tools\(.*\)]$@\1 at p')'

I've resolve the problem by a replacement of () by bacquote, but after that
when i made a make check or make test i've this error again & again

i've understand... my problem came to bash so i've delete & re-compile &
change version but i've constantly the same problem.

how do i fix it...?
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