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Wed Feb 10 18:29:46 PST 2010

Well thanks again. I have 4 gig of memory, so for now I will just go without swap.

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> On 11/02/10 00:19, brown wrap wrote:
> >   But once I boot to the kernel I built
> for LFS, won't LVM be out of the picture? I went into
> gparted and I think I found the device that is swap,
> > I think its /dev/sda2 and my '/' partition should be
> /dev/sdc2.
> >
> > I was hoping to keep my Centos system and have the
> option of booting to LFS.
> > Is that possible?
> >
> The only way to know is to try it. For what it's worth,
> it's not 
> essential for /etc/fstab to be perfect to boot. The kernel
> mounts 
> whatever partition grub tells it to mount. If that
> conflicts with 
> whatever is in fstab then the kernel ignores fstab. You
> don't need a 
> swap partition to boot. You don't even need an fstab. It'll
> be ugly, 
> some of the bootscripts will fail, but there's no reason
> why it won't 
> boot to a command prompt and let you log in.
> Andy
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