Problem with the greek fonts after returning back from X to the linux console

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at
Tue Feb 9 16:11:09 PST 2010

On 9 February 2010 22:21, nick hope <nksgru at> wrote:
> Hi!

 Please do not top-post, and also trim what you are replying to,
because many people won't bother looking at a thread where you
top post.  Thanks.

> I`m using lfs-6.5 stable and Xorg-7.4 from svn-20090928.

> Number "3" is working, i have back my language but i`m not sure if this
> solve the problem! I`m telling this because forced to start a new session
> everything in the console will be lost!
 In other words (since context has gone), if you rerun the
rc.sysinit console script, things work again but only after
that has killed your existing session.  I suppose that is down
to the openvt command in that script., which also applies
$MODE_COMMAND to aech terminal.  The script also does
the following:

loadkeys (twice, for $KEYMAP and $KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS)
 to load the selected keymap

setfont to load the selected font

dumpkeys ... loadkeys to handle the legacy characterset.

 I'm wondering if for some reason you need to run some
or all of these steps after coming out of X.  But, as I said
yesterday, this is at the limits of my understanding.

 Perhaps blfs-support might have more clued-up readers
(since the problems seems to only happen after you have
used xorg).

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