What's up with the gcc-4.1.2-specs-1.patch?

Kyle Rush kyle at cyber-rush.org
Tue Feb 9 04:48:07 PST 2010

What's up with the gcc-4.1.2-specs-1.patch?

when I run it, it prompts for what file to patch, and it seems to think it
should patch a whole bunch of files, none of which actually exist. If I
try to patch them anyway, it says "error on line #, can't find file to
but when I re-run the patch, it says the same thing, AND "patch previously
applied, skipping patch" !!! ? what is wrong here??

I am using LFS LiveCD ver 6.3, same book version.

The computer I am building LFS on is NOT connected to the internet, hence
I have not downloaded any of the patches or packages it says you should.
My dad, who has been working with computers (Unix & linux) for 15 - 25
years, says that they shouldn't be needed unless it is on the internet.


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