saving info on livecd?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Feb 7 20:39:14 PST 2010

Jordan Peters wrote:
> i'm using the ubuntu linux livecd to make my 6.5 lfs install and i'm
> wondering how to save the variables and such i make during the book.
> like is there a way to save the info created during section 4.4 while
> setting up .bash_profile and .bashrc and save the lfs user in the end of
> 4.3?
> And how about the $LFS variable and the various symlinks? is there a way to
> save them so I don't have to redo them?
> sorry for the noobish question

Create a 2nd partition on your hard drive and mount it as /home.  Then 
everything you write to /home/lfs will be there.

You will need to remount the partition manually at every boot.

Another suggestion is to *install* ubuntu to a 2nd partition.  It will 
be much faster that way.  Accessing a CD-ROM/DVD is slow.

   -- Bruce

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