Making progress - until GCC pass 2

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Feb 7 10:18:58 PST 2010

David Shaw wrote:
> Well, I've given up on 6.3 as I cannot get glibc to compile and I'm 
> having problems downloading all the files needed for 6.6-rc1, so I 
> decided to persevere with 6.5.

Unfortunately we have not updated our source server for 6.5, but 6.6-rc1 
is available:

> I solved the glibc problems I was having with 6.5 (my base installation 
> uses mawk instead of gawk and, although I had installed gawk and thought 
> I'd set the link up correctly, obviously I did something wrong as it 
> still pointed to mawk.  I corrected this and glibc compiled just fine.  
> I am feeling rather unreasonably pleased with myself for having worked 
> this out on my own :-)  )

Enabling you to figure out things for yourself is a goal of the project. 
  Good job.

> However, I am now having problems with section 5.10 - GCC pass 2, 
> specifically the bit "The following command will change the location of 
> GCC's default dynamic linker to use the one installed in /tools. It also 
> removes /usr/include from GCC's include search path. Doing this now 
> rather than adjusting the specs file after installation ensures that the 
> new dynamic linker is used during the actual build of GCC. That is, all 
> of the binaries created during the build will link against the new 
> Glibc. Issue:
> for file in \
>  $(find gcc/config -name linux64.h -o -name linux.h -o -name sysv4.h)..."
> etc.  I've tried typing these commands into my terminal and everything 
> seems to go in OK, except that after typing 'done', instead of the 
> command executing (as I expected), I continue to get the '>' prompt and 
> can only get out with a ctrl-C.

You've probably missed a newline or single quote somewhere.  That is a 
complicated structure.  You might try putting it into a file and 
executing  `sh  filename`.  If it doesn't work, you can review and 
retry.   Note that if you run it more than once, $(file).orig may need 
to start the package over with unpacking.

I don't now what your environment looks like, but you can also cut/paste 
the instructions.

   -- Bruce

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