Making progress - until GCC pass 2

David Shaw at
Sun Feb 7 09:19:57 PST 2010

Well, I've given up on 6.3 as I cannot get glibc to compile and I'm 
having problems downloading all the files needed for 6.6-rc1, so I 
decided to persevere with 6.5.

I solved the glibc problems I was having with 6.5 (my base installation 
uses mawk instead of gawk and, although I had installed gawk and thought 
I'd set the link up correctly, obviously I did something wrong as it 
still pointed to mawk.  I corrected this and glibc compiled just fine.  
I am feeling rather unreasonably pleased with myself for having worked 
this out on my own :-)  )

However, I am now having problems with section 5.10 - GCC pass 2, 
specifically the bit "The following command will change the location of 
GCC's default dynamic linker to use the one installed in /tools. It also 
removes /usr/include from GCC's include search path. Doing this now 
rather than adjusting the specs file after installation ensures that the 
new dynamic linker is used during the actual build of GCC. That is, all 
of the binaries created during the build will link against the new 
Glibc. Issue:

for file in \
 $(find gcc/config -name linux64.h -o -name linux.h -o -name sysv4.h)..."

etc.  I've tried typing these commands into my terminal and everything 
seems to go in OK, except that after typing 'done', instead of the 
command executing (as I expected), I continue to get the '>' prompt and 
can only get out with a ctrl-C.

I've checked my typing and am reasonably certain that there are no 
typos.  I've tried Googling to see if I can find any hints, with no 
luck.  Should I be putting these commands into a bash script?  I'm 
assuming the problem is that word 'Issue', which has some meaning I'm 
not aware of.

What am I doing wrong?  Many thanks, in advance,

David Shaw

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