How do you interpet gcc test results?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sat Feb 6 09:49:55 PST 2010

brown wrap wrote:
> My last email was regarding the test results of GCC. From my first
> run of the test I thought the output had indicated the gcc had
> failed. I was told to proceed, which I did. Then I started the "make
> -k check" and it took so long I thought my machine was hung and its a
> quad core with 3 gigs of memory. I ran the summary which I have
> attached and it contained a number of errors, so many I thought
> something was wrong, but I was able to continue and compile Sed in
> Chapter 6. So I am asking, what do the test results mean? Yes, there
> were a number of errors, so many that I something was seriously
> wrong, but they don't seem to make any difference.

Try reading the book.

"Results can be compared with those located at  and

A few unexpected failures cannot always be avoided. The GCC developers 
are usually aware of these issues, but have not resolved them yet. In 
particular, the libmudflap tests are known be particularly problematic 
as a result of a bug in GCC 
( Unless the test 
results are vastly different from those at the above URL, it is safe to 

You have exactly 6 failures out of about 90000.  That's not "so many".

   -- Bruce

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