Finished all of 1st pass, build of glibc fails

brown wrap gramos at
Fri Feb 5 17:54:48 PST 2010

> Please follow the *final* instruction in
> | cp -v ../glibc-2.11.1/iconvdata/gconv-modules iconvdata
> | make -k check 2>&1 | tee glibc-check-log
> | grep Error glibc-check-log
>  At this point, nobody knows if there was 1 error
> (probably
> not a big deal), or 1500 (definitely bad).
>  Also, check if you installed perl correctly, and if you
> have
> missed any of the essential symlinks.
> ĸen

I guess I was the only one in the universe confused by the directions, I continued on and the "make -k check" didn't find any errors.When I saw the initial errors, I thought it best not to continue.


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