Has anyone been able to build LFS on a 64bit system?

stosss stosss at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 17:24:46 PST 2010

>> Can you access this page?
>> http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/faq/#netiquette


Here is the page that you apparently did not read.

Here are some practical points of etiquette. They include only those
items that will draw mention if missed. Those who've been around
project mailing lists awhile will find the first few obvious. There
are less obvious items toward the end.

The reasons for these points are omitted for brevity, but rest
assured, these guidelines are more than just an individual's personal

While the text refers to "the lists" exclusively, it doesn't intend to
ignore the news groups that mirror the mailing lists.

With that out of the way, here are a couple manners oriented items
followed by more "mechanical" stuff:

Please remember that it is rude to post questions that are answered in
commonly available documentation such as the LFS and BLFS Books, this
FAQ, the LFS Hints, the appropriate man pages, the list archives, and
Google searches. As long as you can demonstrate that you've made an
effort to find the answer and you're not offended by a pointer to
documentation, no reasonable person will object to your question.

Most of the bothersome flame wars start when a newbie posts an obvious
question, is then criticized (even in a kindly manner), and becomes
publicly offended. Please try to avoid this situation. "Wordlessly"
pointing to the exact spot in the documentation is sufficient. If you
feel you must criticize, please do it via private email, not on the
lists. The same applies to anything else that may become heated.

The lists have an international membership so slang of all sorts and
idiom are likely to be misunderstood. (Witness the recent discussion
of "bootstrapping".) Any mention of profanity, politics, war, or
religion (even in signatures) is likely to upset someone somewhere in
the world so please avoid them as well. Finally, it is considered
polite to post in English since many more people on the lists know it
than any other language.

Now for the more "mechanical" stuff.

    *  Do not post in HTML. If you use Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook and
haven't turned HTML off, then it is on. If you're using another mail
client, please do check before posting. If you don't know how to turn
HTML off, see http://www.expita.com/nomime.html. All posts which
contain HTML tags will be sent to /dev/null and never reach the list.
Unfortunately, Spamassassin's HTML filter is very strict and will
block all posts with HTML or XML-like tags, keep this in mind when
posting XML snippets to a list. A commonly used trick is to replace
the triangle brackets < > with angel brackets [].
    * Wrap text at 72 characters. If you do not wish to do this by
hand, set your mail client to do it automatically when sending.

xsystem read this one below

    * Reply below quoted text. Outlook makes this difficult. There is
a plug-in to fix Outlook, and one for Outlook Express.

    * Limit signatures to four lines.
    * Trim quoted text, especially signatures. But do not trim so that
it is confusing to read your reply without consulting the original.
    * Do not click reply unless you're actually replying to a post.
Use new, or compose, or whatever your mail client calls it, to ask a
new question or start a new thread. Reply sets more than just the
subject line and will cause your post to appear in the wrong place
unless you're actually answering.

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