Has anyone been able to build LFS on a 64bit system?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 4 10:27:19 PST 2010

On 4 February 2010 16:17, brown wrap <gramos at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am following the instructions, but as you can see from below, it blew up on the 2nd pass of binutils. The first 'check' on gcc seems to pass:
> lfs:/mnt/lfs/sources/6.6$ cd gcc-build
> lfs:/mnt/lfs/sources/6.6/gcc-build$ echo 'main(){}' > dummy.c
> lfs:/mnt/lfs/sources/6.6/gcc-build$ $LFS_TGT-gcc -B/tools/lib dummy.c
> lfs:/mnt/lfs/sources/6.6/gcc-build$ readelf -l a.out | grep ': /tools'
>       [Requesting program interpreter: /tools/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2]

 Please don't top-post ( that is, don't replying
_above_ what you are replying _to_ )and trim as
much as you can.

 I might be stupid, but I don't see *how*
it failed in binutils.  Does your line

 "But the 2nd test in binutils failed."

 Mean you were in the testsuite for binutils, or
was it a check in configure ?

 If it's the testsuite, failures in ld tests are
normal, or at least common, on x86_64.  My
build of the book from the end of December
had the following:

FAIL: bootstrap with --static
FAIL: static preinit array
FAIL: static init array
FAIL: static fini array
FAIL: Could not link a static executable

 But the completed system has built
everything I've thrown at it (I just wish I
could say it all worked :-( )

After tragedy, and farce, "OMG poneys!"

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