32 bits vs. 64 bits

Alberto Hernando pajaro.go at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 04:16:15 PST 2010


I have a new laptop with 4 Gb of RAM. I'm planning what to install in it,
and I want to take the most profit. So I'm considering using a 64-bit LFS
(or cLFS). But I don't know much about this. I mean, I don't if all apps can
work in this mode, or if there is really a difference in performance. I've
read in some places that a HIGHMEM kernel is just fine. What do you think?
Is it a pain, or what? I need to install also the host system (planning
debian, I'll decide 32 or 64 bits now too). If the host system is 64 bits,
can I follow the LFS book, or I should take a look to cLFS? I guess there
are more people here who have done this, so any advice is welcome.

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