LFS 6.5 - findutils check

Aditya Bankar adityabankar at yahoo.co.in
Wed Feb 3 06:05:15 PST 2010

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> Aditya Bankar wrote:
> > I am in chapter 6, section 6.39. The configure and make steps ran
> > well. In make check there is an unexpected error.
> > 
> > On the terminal make dumps this message: FAIL: old_prefix: locate
> > failed, /compilation/findutils-4.4.2/locate/testsuite/../locate:
> > `tmp/locatedb': No such file or directory
> > I then looked into the old_prefix.exp file. This file writes the
> > locatedb and locate test complains about locatedb being absent. What
> > should I do to get locatedb? I think that will get the test passing.
> I looked at my log and that test should indeed pass.  Is it possible 
> that you are out of disk space when running the test?
> It looks like the test script is tcl in
>    findutils-4.4.2/locate/testsuite/config/unix.exp
> with old_prefix.exp as an argument.  You might want to research the 
> output commands for tcl and insert some debugging statements into 
> old_prefix.exp to see if the db is really being created.  I'd just do 
> 'exec ls -lR tmp/' before and after the locate_start command to see what 
> is going on.
>    -- Bruce

I had forgotten to install gawk. That caused this failure.


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