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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Feb 3 02:34:47 PST 2010

Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel wrote:
> Mike McCarty schrieb:
>> Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel wrote:
>>> Erm, maybe you underestimate the distros here :)
>> Of course I don't. I'm pointing out why the two stage
>> bootstrap is necessary, to someone who doesn't understand.
> Ok, sorry then :)

No problem.


> Sometimes it sounds to me as if people scorn (commercial) distro
> builders as money collecting, patent stockpiling lazy leeches, and that
> needs some defence, don't you think? ;)

I think they need defence against that claim, if that's what you
mean. They do a real service to those who want the kind of
distribution they provide. That's not the kind I (apparently)

Everyone likes to point his finger at the "middle man", but they
provide a real service. We sometimes see advertisements here
in the USA about how "We cut out the middle man, saving you
money!" The middle man provides a real service, at a real cost
to him. He prevents people from having to buy 100 pieces of
furniture because that's the smallest order the manufacturer
will take. Or 1000 light bulbs, if that's the smallest order.
They pay for electricity in their warehouses, stores, etc.,
and taxes on the floor space, and so on.

Likewise, the builders of RHEL, Mandrivia, SuSE, et al, provide
a real, honest, service, and deserve to be paid for the work
they do, and the support they provide.

I'm grateful for the free service and support that the LFS
team provides. I don't see how they do it without charge
like that.

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