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I'm the author of crablfs.txt, which makes use of
as its basical principles, so maybe I can adopt this hint.

I now rename the package manager from "crablfs" to "ulfs", which means:
1. Your (Manageable and Reusable) Linux From Scratch
2. LFS based on User Package Management

So the concerns and goals of "ulfs" is the reusability, that is,
generating profiles in the background automatically in the interactive
mode as normal LFS building process, and reuse these profiles as
templates the next time to build the LFS automatically by yourself or
others, no matter what platform then.

"ulfs" can also be used in other distributions such as Red Hat, etc ...
to manage the packages compiled from source.

Now I'm working on a project include "ulfs",
which has other 2 subprojects, one is a configuration management system,
including the configuration file sharing mechanism and more powerful
data structure to make the configuration syntax more convenient, such as
a Python Tree (so far).

Another subproject is a near realtime file system mirror application
that makes use of Linux inotify, which is afforded from the recent Linux
kernels (from 2.6.12). It is "near" because it will not blocks the
writing of the server to be mirrored, but in normal conditions the delay
between the server and the backup host is less than 1 second.

I'm not clear about the CC-BY-SA and CC-BY-ND license, is there any



On 10/21/07, Matthias B. <msbREMOVE-THIS at> wrote:
> Attached to this mail you'll find the latest drafts of the hints
> more_control_and_pkg_management.txt
> and
> lfs_next_to_existing_systems.txt
> along with the latest versions of their helper programs.
> Both hints are relicensed under CC-BY-SA (previously CC-BY-ND) and
> are looking for new maintainer(s).
> (Note, that both hints are linked from the LFS book, so it would be a pity
> if they fell into disrepair.)
> If you want to adopt one of these hints, contact the hints mailing list or
> the hints maintainer (not me).
> If you have any questions about the contents of the hints or the scripts,
> feel free to ask me (via personal email, since by the time you read this I
> will have unsubscribed from all LFS mailing lists).
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