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Joshua Shriver jshriver at
Tue Oct 23 06:19:51 PDT 2007

I'm very sorry to hear.  Best wishes and prayers to you and your
family during this time. We all appreciate the hard work you put into


On 10/23/07, wwh04660 at <wwh04660 at> wrote:
> Hello all,
>   All inquiries to the LFS IRC #LFS-Support channel need to go to
> ChrisS67 or Aaediwen (Anthony) on the
> server. I cannot guarantee my current resources to the support we
> offer toward LFS with IRC. Actually, the LFS IRC Support is lacking
> infrastructure. I've had too much to deal with and I'm done with it.
> I wasn't the founder of #LFS, someone else is, so the founder you
> need to contact for #LFS, but I was the founder of #LFS-Support, and
> the new founder is ChrisS67 with the successor being Aaediwen
> (Anthony). I have too much going on. My gramma is in hospital with
> dialysis and pace maker stuff with one to two years to live and my
> mom attempted 3rd suicide attempt. I'll still be around just not as
> active.
> Sincerely,
> William Harrington
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