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Tue Oct 23 04:17:27 PDT 2007

Hello all,

  All inquiries to the LFS IRC #LFS-Support channel need to go to  
ChrisS67 or Aaediwen (Anthony) on the  
server. I cannot guarantee my current resources to the support we  
offer toward LFS with IRC. Actually, the LFS IRC Support is lacking  
infrastructure. I've had too much to deal with and I'm done with it.  
I wasn't the founder of #LFS, someone else is, so the founder you  
need to contact for #LFS, but I was the founder of #LFS-Support, and  
the new founder is ChrisS67 with the successor being Aaediwen  
(Anthony). I have too much going on. My gramma is in hospital with  
dialysis and pace maker stuff with one to two years to live and my  
mom attempted 3rd suicide attempt. I'll still be around just not as  


William Harrington

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