problem with tickless kernel?

Alan Lord alanslists at
Mon Oct 15 10:13:02 PDT 2007

Colin Dean wrote:
> Douglas J Hunley wrote:
>> I'm using LFS 6.2 as my host while building 6.3 and I've run into what appears 
>> to be an issue with using a tickless kernel on the host. I make it thru chap 
>> 5 w/o any issues at all, but when i hit glibc )and later gcc) in chap 6, the 
>> tests fail. I'm not in front of the build computer right now, so i can't 
>> cut-n-paste, but the failing test (in both cases) references a thread running 
>> for a length of time 'outside acceptable values'
>> When i google the exact error message, i find a post from greg schafer about 
>> glibc 2.4.x and kernels > 2.6.20 ..  based on the error message and the 
>> conversation around greg's patch, i'm really leaning towards my tickless 
>> kernel as the culprit, but wanted to see if anyone here had seen anything 
>> along these lines.
>> i expect to boot into a 'normal' kernel on the host and try again soon, so 
>> i'll know for sure, but if i can avoid that hassle i'd be much happier
>> tia
> I could be incorrect, but I believe I overheard someone saying that the
> tickless kernel is x86_64 only right now. I could be quite wrong,
> though, as I only heard parts of the conversation (hooray Ontario
> Linuxfest).

Don't think so. I have a tickless kernel running in a C700N VIA chip 
(32bit), and it seems fine. I built LFS-6.3 using the LiveCD as the host 
and I am not sure how that kernel was configured. But subsequently, I 
have built several major apps: Xorg, Firefox, Kernel- and 
2.6.23, Asterisk, Samba etc etc...

Nothing apparently is failing due to the kernel. And it certainly builds 
fine on a 32bit system.

The way out is open!

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