problem with tickless kernel?

Douglas J Hunley doug at
Mon Oct 15 06:52:23 PDT 2007

I'm using LFS 6.2 as my host while building 6.3 and I've run into what appears 
to be an issue with using a tickless kernel on the host. I make it thru chap 
5 w/o any issues at all, but when i hit glibc )and later gcc) in chap 6, the 
tests fail. I'm not in front of the build computer right now, so i can't 
cut-n-paste, but the failing test (in both cases) references a thread running 
for a length of time 'outside acceptable values'
When i google the exact error message, i find a post from greg schafer about 
glibc 2.4.x and kernels > 2.6.20 ..  based on the error message and the 
conversation around greg's patch, i'm really leaning towards my tickless 
kernel as the culprit, but wanted to see if anyone here had seen anything 
along these lines.
i expect to boot into a 'normal' kernel on the host and try again soon, so 
i'll know for sure, but if i can avoid that hassle i'd be much happier
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