not found..... I think at at
Tue Oct 9 10:12:59 PDT 2007

>>> Oct 6 16:56:13 lbc1211 kernel: Cannot find map file.
>>> Oct 6 16:56:13 lbc1211 kernel: No module symbols loaded - kernel 
>modules not enabled.
>>> Does this refer to /boot/
>>No. You don't need the file. You don't seem to have kernel
>>modules enabled. Enable loadable module support->Enable loadable
>>module support.
>>That should fix it!

>From my .config file:

># Loadable module support

>I think that means I have modules enabled but I will follow your >directions and redo make menuconfig to be sure.


Walter, after you compile the kernel and copy the new one to /boot, you also should copy the file too.  Here's a kern-build script I use on this old LFS-4.1 2.4.x system, 2.6.x is a little different.

#!/bin/bash -e
echo "Backing-up kernel modules" ; cd /lib ; tar czpf modules.tgz modules/
echo "Changing to linux source directory" ; cd /usr/src/linux 
echo "Check/update kernel configuration" ; make menuconfig 
echo "Change your mind?"
read ans
if [ $ans = "y" -o $ans = "Y" ]; then exit 0; fi
echo "Rechecking dependencies" ; make dep >log.dep 2>&1 
echo "Cleaning source tree" ; make clean >log.clean 2>&1 
echo "Compiling kernel" ; make bzImage >log.bzImage 2>&1 
echo "Compiling modules" ; make modules >log.modules 2>&1 
echo "Installing modules" ; make modules_install >log.modules_install 2>&1 
echo "Copying kernel image" ; cp -v arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/test
A=`cat .version`
echo "Copying system map" ; cp -v /boot/$A
echo "Copying kernel config" ; cp -v .config /boot/config-$A
echo "OK, check logs.  New kernel is in /boot/test."

After I check out the test kernel and approve, then I change a symlink for, & rename "test".

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