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Fri Oct 5 11:53:02 PDT 2007

On 10/5/07, EJBoshinski <mistrz.linux at> wrote:
> Thank you for the suggestion.  I will rebuild from the beginning once again, starting with newly formatted, mounted, assigned etc. partitions and user & groups on a physically separate and dedicated drive.  When I come to gcc-pass2, I will skill the 'make -k check' directive during the build and then run the test you provided above.  I may not have this completed this afternoon, but maybe this weekend I can post the results from my home lab.

Actually, I want you to finish gcc-pass2, except don't delete the
source/build dirs right away. Basically, I want you to run the test I
mentioned before in addition to the sanity check in the Caution box.
If you try to run the check before `make install', you'll still be
testing the gcc from pass1.


Your comment aboves raises a question.  As a sanity check, from 5.1- Important Note (2) : "
          After installing each package, delete its source and build
          directories, unless specifically instructed otherwise. Deleting the
          sources prevents mis-configuration when the same package is
          reinstalled later."  To make sure that I AM sane (sometimes debatable), after pass1 of both binutils & gcc, the source & build directories are to be deleted BEFORE starting the second pass, correct? (Nothing is stated to retain them for the future build passes...)

But for our testing purposes, and since we are stopping at the end of gcc-pass2, the build & sources dirs of gcc are to remain intact after the second pass, but not the first, correct?

The preceding post was my typo - "skill (kill) the 'make -k check'" is the one performed in pass2 after 'make' in 5.11 (ie. make && make -k check && make install).


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