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Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 03:34:05 PDT 2007

massrado at tin.it wrote:
> Acc! My Fedora system is really crashed. The rescue CD don't find my 
> sistem. I'll install a new distribution.
> What do you suggest? I think 
> to create two partitions (physical hard disk partitions!) and install 
> my distribution on a partition and a LFS system on the other.
> Didn't you?

Hi Massimo,

Sorry to hear about your host system. Although I thought that was 
probably what had happened.

First, I'd make sure you are going to use an up-to-date host (Fedora 4 
is quite old). At the beginning of the LFS book here, 
it describes the minimum versions of various applications and libraries 
that you will need in order to successfully build LFS-6.3.

The alternative to a regular distro is to use LFS's own LiveCD, here: 
http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/livecd/. This is a great tool and will 
provide you with a host system, the software, and the book all on the 
CD. You can even install it to Hard Disk and use it from there.

Next, decide how to partition your hard disk(s). DO NOT USE lvm ;-). If 
you use a "normal" linux distro, I would create three partitions as a 
very minimum:

/dev/hda1: for your host environment.
/dev/hda2: swap space. At least the same size as your RAM if not double.
/dev/hda3: for lfs. I'd recommend about 10G but 5 or 6G is enough IIRC.

It is advisable to actually create more partitions than this. Personally 
I always have a separate partition for /home, so you can change your 
host system without losing your personal data.

I also tend to partition out /boot, /var, /srv, /usr and /opt. But 
that's my preference and not really necessary.

Hope this helps you to get started.

Oh yes, please don't "top post" your replies. It upsets some of the 
community. You can read the LFS FAQ on netiquette here: 


The way out is open!

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