Newbie - Live CD - ALFS - eth0 problem

maru marudubshinki at
Mon Feb 28 13:41:32 PST 2005

cvrancken at wrote:

>Also, before even starting, I wanted to download the latest ALFS profile
>using wget. Of course, when I run net-setup from the livecd, I get a
>message saying : "Device eth0 is not present on this system!" . I do
>have a network connection that works otherwise when I boot with my host
>linux version. (Fedora Core 2). What can I do?
>Thanks for the help!
It means (if my very similar problem is any guide) that the kernel module
necessary to understand the device is not there.
Run ifconfig eth0  to make sure that it is not detected,
and then look in the module libraries and modprobe the right one.


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